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This image shows a reduce, reuse, recycle sign made out of green plastic bags.

Plastic Free July – Practical Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

July is a special month for sustainability enthusiasts worldwide as it marks the celebration of Plastic Free July, a global movement set up to encourage the world to reduce plastic waste. At Moo & Yoo, we are deeply committed to this cause, with our mission being to provide sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives that make a difference not only to you, but the planet too. In this blog post, we will explore practical ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, helping you live more sustainably.

Reducing Plastic Usage

The first step towards a plastic-free life is reducing the amount of plastic we consume. Here are some effective ways to cut down on plastic usage:
  1. Choose Refillable Products: Opt for products that come in refillable containers. At Moo & Yoo, we offer aluminium lid options for when you repurchase. The idea of this is that you keep your pump and reuse it when your new product arrives. This reduces the need for single-use plastics and helps you cut down on plastic waste while enjoying high quality haircare.
  1. Buy in Bulk: Purchasing items in bulk can reduce packaging waste. Consider buying household essentials in larger quantities which reduces the overall disposal of packaging.
  1. Say No to Single-Use Plastics: Avoid using single-use plastics like straws, cutlery, and water bottles. Instead try and carry reuseable alternatives.

Reusing for a Greener Planet

Reusing items is a great way to minimise waste and extend the life of products. Here’s how you can incorporate reusing into your daily routine:
  1. Repurpose Containers: Instead of disgarding used packaging and containers, find new uses for them. Moo & Yoo’s beautiful glass bottles can be repurposed for many things like vases or for storage, giving them a new lease of life.
  1. Reusable Everyday Essentials: It’s important to always carry reusable items like shopping bags to avoid having to purchase plastic options.
  1. DIY Projects: Get creative! Why not give yourself the project of creating new pieces out of old items. For example, turn an old t-shirt into a bag or an old blanket into cleaning rags. This not only reduces the waste that you are creating but also adds a personal touch to your sustainability efforts.

Recycling: Closing the Loop

Recycling is crucial in managing waste effectively. Here’s how to make recycling a part of your sustainable lifestyles:
  1. Know What to Recycle: Get familiar with your local recycling guidelines to ensure that you are not recycling incorrectly. Not all plastics are recyclable, so it’s essential to understand what you can and can’t recycle.
  1. Clean Before Recycling: Rinse out containers before recycling them to avoid contamination. This step ensures that your recyclables are processed correctly, helping to maintain the stability of the recycling system.
  1. Support Recycled Products: Choose products made from recycled materials. Opting for recycled products helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and supports the recycling industry. Look for items like recycled paper, clothing made from recycled materials, and products packaged in recycled materials.

Moo & Yoo’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Moo & Yoo, sustainability is a huge part of who we are! We strive to make a positive impact on the planet through our products and practices. Here's how we’re making a difference:
  1.    Sustainable Packaging: All our products are housed in recyclable glass bottles and jars. Unlike plastic, glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused indefinitely without losing purity or quality. By using glass, we minimise our environmental impact and help reduce the accumulation of plastic waste.
  2.     Natural Ingredients from Renewable Sources: Our products are made using natural ingredients sourced responsibly from renewable sources. This ensures that while our products care for your hair, they don’t deplete the Earth’s resources. Each ingredient is chosen for its minimal environmental impact as well as its effectiveness in hair care.
  3.     Planting Trees for Every Online Order: Through the initiative One Tree Planted, Moo & Yoo plants a tree for every online order. This initiative helps offset carbon emissions, restore natural habitats, and enhance biodiversity, contributing to a healthier planet.

Three Moo & Yoo products (Sea Salt Spray, Miracle Conditioner and Miracle Curl Cream) are laying on a white plain background. The photo is being taken from an aerial view.

By choosing Moo & Yoo, you’re not just opting for high-quality haircare products; you’re supporting a brand that prioritises the health of our planet. Join us this Plastic Free July and take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
The Moo & Yoo Team x

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