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A female model is sitting on a beach looking out towards the sea. She has long, wavy, brown hair and has one hand placed on her head scrunching her waves. She is wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. She has a neutral expression on her face.

Creating the Perfect Hair Routine for YOO

At Moo & Yoo, we understand that every person’s hair is unique. That’s why creating a hair care routine should be a personal journey, tailored to your specific hair type and needs. Committed to celebrating individual beauty, our sustainable, luxury, vegan hair care range caters to every hair type – whether curly, straight, thick, or fine. We provide versatile solutions from cleansing and nourishing to styling and finishing, ensuring that every hair type receives the specific care it needs to look and feel its best.
Understanding your Hair Type
The first step in creating your perfect hair routine is determining what hair type you have. Hair can be broadly categorised into four different types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Each type having its own characteristics and challenges:
Straight Hair – Tends to get oily quickly and can lack volume and body. We recommend that you opt for lightweight, volumising products that won’t weigh your hair down.
Wavy Hair – Can often struggle with frizz and is prone to weakness and breakage. Look for lightweight products that will hydrate and define your waves.
Curly Hair – Needs moisture to thrive and can be susceptible to dryness, roughness, and frizz. Use rich conditioners and curl-enhancing creams that add moisture and definition.
Coily Hair – Can become very dry and frizzy and requires intensive hydration and protection. Use deeply nourishing masks and leave in conditioners.
Three models, the models on the left and right are looking at the camera and the model in the middle is looking to her right. All models have a neutral expression and are wearing neutral coloured tops. The model on the left has a brown choppy bob. The model in the middle has short, curly black hair. The model on the right has long, brown, flowing hair.
Creating your Routine
Once you know your hair type, you can begin to build a routine that addresses your specific needs. Our unique product range covers all bases – from washing and nourishing to styling and finishing. Here are our product recommendations and tips for each hair type:
Straight Hair– Why not try our Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner – the perfect duo to gently cleanse and hydrate without stripping any of your hair’s natural oils. Looking to add more volume and body? Our Volumising Spray Mist is the perfect product for you! Use it on damp or dry hair to transform your hair and add fullness.
Female model with a super straight brunette bob from using Moo and Yoo Miracle Shampoo, Conditioner, Milk and a weekly Miracle Mask. She has super shiny hair and is flicking it round as she looks behind her showing movement to the hair. She is looking at the camera and is wearing a neutral coloured blouse.
Wavy Hair – Wanting to hydrate, redefine and protect your waves? We’ve got your covered. Our Miracle Milk and Sea Salt Spray are the perfect products for doing so. Our lightweight, leave-in miracle milk not only leaves your hair super healthy, shiny, and nourished but also doubles as a heat protectant. Are your waves needing refreshed? Look no further. Our sea salt spray provides your hair with the perfect combination of hold and texture without any stickiness or crunch. What’s not to love.
Female model with flowing long brunette hair with loose waves. It is heathy and shiny from using Moo and Yoo Miracle Conditioner, Miracle Milk and a weekly mask. She is wearing a simple natural coloured vest top and her make up is very natural.
Curly Hair – Keeping your curls looking great all week long can be tough but don’t worry we have the products for you. Curly hair thrives with the use of hydrating, leave-in products, and our Miracle Conditioner and Curl Cream are the perfect solution. Our conditioner provides ultimate nourishment to your hair while our curl cream activates and refreshes your curls, keeping them frizz free and full of volume.
Female model with blond curly hair with moo and yoo conditioner followed by curl cream in her hair. She is looking to her right and her hair is flowing. She is wearing a white bandeau.
Coily Hair – Washing and styling coily hair requires moisturising and hydrating products. Which is why we recommend our Miracle Mask and Miracle Curl Cream as essential components of your hair care routine. The Miracle Mask deeply hydrates and rejuvenates coily hair, infusing it with rich, nourishing ingredients that restore elasticity and shine. Following up with our Miracle Curl Cream, specifically formulated to enhance and define coily textures, ensures your curls are manageable and beautifully sculpted all day.
Female model with black natural textured hair hydrated and styled from using Moo and Yoo Miracle Shampoo, Mask, Miracle Milk and Miracle Curl Cream. She is wearing an off the shoulder white shirt and is facing the back wall looking over her shoulder to the side showing her profile
Still struggling to find the perfect products for your routine? Check out our Hair Quiz.
Extra Hair Tips
  • Get regular trims (every 6-8 weeks)
  • Avoid using heat too regularly. Heat can compromise your curl pattern and cause dry, split ends.
  • If you are using heat on your hair, make sure to always use heat protectant.
  • Wear protective hair styles like twists and braids.
  • Use a microfibre towel to dry your hair, especially if you have curls. This helps define your curls and reduce frizz.
Sustainable Beauty
By using Moo & Yoo products as part of your hair care routine means choosing products that benefit you and the planet. All our products are cruelty – free, made with naturally derived ingredients, and housed in eco-friendly packaging. We are committed to luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth.
Your Unique Hair Journey
There isn’t a one-size-fits – all approach when it comes to your hair care routine, but there are many tips and tricks that can help you manage and style your hair. Everyone’s hair tells a story, and finding the right routine can help you express your personal style and beauty. With Moo & Yoo, you can ensure that your hair care routine is as unique as you are, supporting not just the natural beauty of your hair but also the sustainability of our planet.
The Moo & Yoo Team x

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