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Why We Are Aerosol Free

Why We Are Aerosol Free

Do you know the impact of your beauty routine? When we think about our environmental impact, we often think about the ingredients of the products we use or the waste we produce, particularly surrounding plastic. But have you ever stopped to think about what else might be impacting not only the environment, but your health too? Aerosols are widely used in the hair and beauty industry, and yet that have one of the worst effects on our own personal health as well as the environment. Lets talk about it. 

What Are Aerosols?

An aerosol is a super fine substance that is usually liquid but can be fine solid particles. Aerosols can come from natural processes, for example salt from the sea or dust from dry areas. They can also be produced from human activities like burning fossil fuels, air pollution from vehicles and from contained products. 
Aerosol products are when these particles are enclosed in a container under pressure and released into the atmosphere as a fine spray from the use of a propellant gas. Some examples of aerosol products are spray paint, deodorant, hair spray and even some cleaning products.

Why Are Aerosols Bad For The Environment?

Did you know that aerosols contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gasses? These gases are recognised for their contribution toward global warming. Even the most modern aerosols emit volatile organic compounds that contribute to ground level ozone levels. These compounds are a primary source of asthma inducing smog. These are very harmful to the environment, more than most people even realise and should be avoided at all costs. 

Aerosols and Your Health

Aerosol particles when released can be so fine that they stay in the atmosphere anywhere from four days to a week. These particles can damage lungs and reduce your lung capacity if you are exposed frequently to high volumes. Aerosols can even enter your bloodstream! For people with asthma especially it is extremely important to limit your exposure to aerosols as the impact from smog and aerosols can be more severe to those who are asthmatic. 

How We Can All Help

It is our responsibility as a business to educate our audience on the impact the beauty industry contributes to this issue surrounding aerosols and to ensure we are not part of the problem. We pledge to never develop an aerosol product, to lead by example in the industry and continue to educate others in the damage aerosols cause. 

As consumers, by decreasing demand and boycotting aerosols we can reduce sales and production of these products. Instead, try opting for aerosol free alternatives to your products or even DIY some alternatives. Spreading awareness and educating each other is key with making an impact. 

Moo & Yoo Styling Products

When we were developing all of our products being an eco-conscious brand was a priority for us. We had decided very early on we wanted to make a natural hair spray as they tend to be fairly rare to find. We were adamant that we would not offer any products that were an aerosol. This was a priority for us not only for the environmental aspect, but we wanted to ensure our products were suitable for people who were asthmatic too. We worked extremely hard to develop styling products that was effective yet had a formula that was compatible with an atomiser spray dispenser. All of our sprays are supplied in glass bottles with an environmentally friendly and recyclable spritz/atomiser dispenser.

How To Use Atomiser Styling Products

Styling products that are dispensed through an atomiser as apposed to an aerosol tends to spray out in larger particles. This means the product is often found to be slightly wetter than an aerosol alternative. The easy way to use these products whilst still ensuring they are effective is to hold the product at least 8 inches away from your head before spritzing onto the hair. This allows for a finer mist of the product to reach the hair and give a natural hold. 
The most difficult styling product to find an aerosol alternative for is a hair spray. Luckily for you, we spent two years developing and perfecting our Moo & Yoo Hair Spray that is aerosol free, making it kinder for you and for the planet. You can shop all of our hair care range including our styling products here

Olivia & The Moo Family x

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