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Ingredient Profile: Icelandic Moss

We spent a lot of time researching natural ingredients and the benefits they hold, during this research we came across Icelandic moss. Icelandic moss is primarily sourced in Iceland, one of the countries with the lowest pollution levels in the world. Despite the lichens name, it actually grows in mountainous areas of most northern countries, including the UK under the right conditions! Icelandic moss will only grow in clean air and will not survive anywhere near a city. The environment Iceland provides for this special moss makes it one of the purest lichens in the world.

As a business we have very strong values and core beliefs, so we are very particular with our supplier as we will only partner with companies that share our values. With sourcing and obtaining Icelandic moss, we wanted to make sure it was responsibly harvested and the natural environment surrounding the lichen was not compromised. Our Icelandic moss is responsibly harvested between May to October. Once the moss is harvested it is firstly cleansed of any impurities before being sun-dried or air-dried for later use.

Icelandic moss in hair and skin care is known to be soothing, moisturising and anti inflammatory. The was a priority for us as when we started our small family business we started with a range of only seven hair care products. As we were starting with such a small range we wanted to ensure our products would benefit all hair types and therefore contained ingredients that would support this. One thing that became very clear during our research was that we needed ingredients that were not only good for your hair, but would benefit your scalp and skin too. As Icelandic moss is anti-inflammatory and soothing, we found it would help keep the scalp healthy as well as keeping the hair nourished and moisturised. We soon fell in love with this lichen and knew it was going to be a staple ingredient. As our business grew and we expanded into body care products, there was no question about making this amazing ingredient a staple across all of our product ranges.
Olivia & The Moo Family x

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