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4 Moo & Yoo products are in the middle of the image in a zigzag formation. There is a piece of driftwood placed behind them with some moss on either side. The image has a neutral coloured background.

Why Should We Be Sustainable?

Do you know how important sustainability is? 

At Moo & Yoo, we believe that the choices we make today shape the world we’ll live in tomorrow which is why educating our customers on the importance of sustainable practices is as crucial as implementing them. By choosing sustainable options, we can all contribute to a healthier planet, ensure the availability of resources for the future, and promote a fair society. Here’s why sustainability is not just a trend for us, but a crucial part of who we are.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is all about using natural resources smartly to ensure their availability and possibility for both current and future generations. It’s about creating a balance where we can take care of our social, economic, and environmental resources so that they continue to meet human needs without compromising the health of the planet or the well-being of the next generations.
  • Environmental sustainability focuses particularly on protecting natural environments and conserving resources. This means maintaining the health of the planet’s ecosystems, reducing pollution, and managing resources to ensure that the natural environment can continue to support life.
  • Social sustainability focuses on promoting fairness, ensuring all people have access to the resources they need for a good standard of living, and distributing the benefits of economic development fairly. It also includes investing in communities to improve quality of life and social unity.
  • Economic sustainability means supporting growth and development without depleting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage. This involves creating economic value in a way that is also environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our Miracle Shampoo and Miracle Conditioner in glass bottles placed on a light wooden tray. Behind the hair care products is a white plantpot and a luscious green leaved plant reaching over the top of the products

Moo & Yoo’s Commitment to Sustainability

  1. Sustainable Packaging:
At Moo & Yoo, we understand that sustainable products require sustainable packaging which is why we house all our products in recyclable glass bottles and jars. Glass, unlike plastic, is 100% recyclable and can be reused indefinitely without losing purity or quality. By using glass, we minimise our environmental impact and help reduce the accumulation of plastic waste. Want to learn more about why we choose glass? Click here.
 Three Moo & Yoo products (Sea Salt Spray, Miracle Conditioner and Miracle Curl Cream) are laying on a white plain background. The photo is being taken from an aerial view.
  1. Natural Ingredients from Renewable Sources:
All our products are made using natural ingredients, sourced responsibly from renewable sources. This ensures that while our products care for your hair, they don’t deplete the Earth’s resources. Each ingredient is chosen for its minimal environmental impact as well as its effectiveness when caring for your hair.
 There is two images next to each other. There image on the left shows a wicker basket full of Marula Nuts sitting on sandy ground and there is a tool in the basket. There is another basket in the distance with nuts in it too.  The image on the right shows a brown bag full of water which is soaking Icelandic Moss in it.  The Moss is blue and green in colour.
  1. Planting Trees for Every Online Order:
Every time you place an order through our website, Moo & Yoo plants a tree. Through the initiative One Tree Planted, we can contribute towards offsetting carbon emissions as well as restoring natural habitats and enhancing biodiversity. It’s our way of giving back to the planet. Click here to learn more about One Tree Planted.
 One Tree Planted Logo

The Impact of your Choices

When you choose a sustainable company, like Moo & Yoo, you are not just choosing sustainable hair care; you’re participating in a larger movement towards making a change. Your choice allows us to continue our effort in environmental conservation, and together, we can make a significant impact.
 The image shows a person wearing a blue mask and holding up a hand written sign that reads 'stop plastic pollution'. The person is standing in a large pile of plastic waste.
Sustainability is a huge part of who we are here at Moo & Yoo. We’re dedicated to continuing our journey towards sustainability, constantly seeking new ways to lessen our impact on the planet while providing high-quality hair care products. So, join us in making a difference – one purchase, one tree, and one bottle at a time.
The Moo & Yoo Team x

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